By Patrick Healy

Sophomore, GW

In 100 days, we witnessed President Biden put forward over $3 trillion in economic relief, double the U.S.’s vaccination target, engage in first steps on combating climate change, and take swift action to dismantle the American carnage of former President Trump’s disastrous administration. America is turning a corner and is on its way to recovery from one of the most difficult Presidential terms in its history. In 100 days, America is better than it was when Biden was first elected because of his forward thinking and dynamic policies. 

The new administration has exceeded expectations. There were fears that Trump’s legacy might be with us for a generation; however, Biden quickly exercised his power to liberate us from the disaster left by Trump. On day one, Biden unilaterally ended the Muslim ban, implemented a federal mask mandate, reversed Trump’s approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline, rejoined the Paris agreement, rejoined the WHO, revoked the ban on transgender service members, and abolished the revisionist 1776 commission. These executive orders began the long, and difficult, process of healing that is required after all the pain inflicted on communities across the country by Trump’s hateful, racist, and bigoted policies. 

Biden has achieved significant progress on Covid-19 as well. On his first day in office, America reached 400,000 total deaths, with 3,000 deaths recorded daily. Today that number is under 1,500 new deaths per day. A third of eligible Americans have now been vaccinated, which means that it is possible to reach herd immunity by fall. Credit must be given to the American Rescue Plan: a $1.9 trillion initiative to expedite safe school reopenings, fast-track vaccinations with over $5 billion in new funding, stimulate the economy with $1,400 checks, provide rent and unemployment relief to millions of Americans, and cut child poverty in half. While there is a lot more to be fixed after we achieve immunity, the pace with which Biden has turned around a dismal response to Covid-19 — and at the same time advanced a bold agenda — is laudable when we recall where we were just four short months ago. 

The President’s declaration that we must offer big structural change to build back better from the economic slump caused by job losses, business closures, and income loss facing America is groundbreaking. In unveiling his American Job’s Plan, Biden has put forth a framework for legislation that will represent the biggest federal spending on infrastructure since the interstate highway system. Biden is requesting that every lead pipe in America be replaced, every American has broadband by 2030, the U.S. doubles its wind energy production by 2030, installation of  500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, and that we double funding for public transportation. These monumental steps are the pillars of a developed society; they will propel us well into the 21st century. These sizable objectives mean that America could have a lower unemployment rate than we ever saw under Trump by the end of 2021. The most radical aspect of this plan is that it is rooted in equity and justice for all marginalized communities in America. This includes Black, Brown, and AAPI communities. These are investments that will be effective long after Biden leaves office because investments in infrastructure, education, training, and human capital are proven to be investments that grow an economy for years.  As a result, the American economy, and our quality of life, will be drastically improved.

America will be better off because of President Biden’s policies in the first 100 days. America is now set to rebound dramatically from Covid-19 and faces the prospect of full employment by the year’s end. Our historic investments in the future of America will slash poverty rates and our effective Covid-19 response will result in herd immunity by the fall. Let’s not forget that we have much more to do, and there are high expectations that must be met; the policies embraced by this administration are going to lay the foundation for an America that is more equitable, efficient, just, and capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century. In short, President Biden’s policy priorities over the first 100 days have been a remarkable success.




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